As I work as a consultant for years now, I had very often to face customers requirements that I couldn’t satisfy with my own knowledge. This is where the magic of Microsoft Community step in !

From accross the world passionated people and specialists share their knowledge and experience on their Blogs, videos, tutoriels, tweets, etc… And they help so many people !


I feel like this is time for me to return the community what it brought to me, at least as much as I can. So I decided to open that Blog where I could share my thoughts, findings and solutions to problems I encounter on my daily Microsoft 365 consultant life, so others can benefit this and learn from it.

I’m working for Abalon, a French consulting company which is a group of 25 passionated consultant, all specialized on Microsoft solutions. From security and compliance to change management, by governance, technical deployment and low-code developments.

I’m also part of the aOS community, which is an international group of passionated professional of Microsoft solutions. The community organizes conferences all accross the world to share knowledge and experiences on all Microsoft related topics.